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Video: High Times Top 10 Types of Weed

High Times “Top 10” types of weed


According to the judging panel at the High Times offices the following types of weed were the best of the year a few years ago. This video features pictures of marijuana, flowering plants and processed cured and dried buds, and the different types of weed strains are labeled for your viewing plesure. The video is an older bit, but the soundtrack song “Ganga Smoke” by Ziggy Marley makes it a keeper so take a look.

The following strains are represented in the Top 10 Strains:

  1. Anunnaki
  2. White Berry
  3. The Black
  4. Brainstorm Haze
  5. Pineapple Punch
  6. Destroyer
  7. Purps
  8. The Flav
  9. Jorge’s Diamonds #1
  10. Fucking Incredible


The first strain of marijuana on the list, named Anunnaki, is a genetic powerhouse, displaying traits in flavor, effect, and potency that have put it at the head-of-class level. Many growers and patients report a strong, pungent unique order when growing this strain, along with a remarkably aromatic and complex smoke that enhances the medicinal usage of the plant. Like so many other Sativa-dominant phenotypes, this three-quarters Sativa strain tends toward more of a cerebral, head-high effect, and when grown and produced properly the potency of the medicine may be of a level described as truly excellent.

Watch the video, get a peek at the Anunnaki buds and see why this type of weed made the #1 mention in the best breeds that year. And you’ll understand why the most popular types of weed will remain popular, maybe not constantly award-winning, but great genetics are always in style when growing and using medical marijuana, so spectacular strains such as this Anunnaki will continue to be around, providing medicinal benefit for those in need of natural and highly effective relief of ailments and symptoms that marijuana may help.

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