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THC Legalized

THC in Marijuana – D.E.A to see THC Legalized? Making legal THC may be just around the corner for many companies…

People within the Medical Marijuana industry suffer no illusions that the DEA in the United States can be difficult to interpret at the best of times!

They fervently implement a war on drugs on the one hand, and on the other have re-classified the THC in marijuana Cannabinoid into a Schedule 3 substance. The big question is WHY? The reason? Many say when they getHydroponic Marijuana Plantations up and producing an ongoing supply of Cannabis Buds, extract the THC in marijuana, they make them into pills, all perfectly legal….
THC Legalized…Beautifully packaged, Marketed and distributed to the huddled masses as Breakthrough medication, and Legal!, and all for ‘big bucks’.

Yet, if you want to cultivate your own THC, for medicinal purposes, you are guilty of a federal crime. Legal THC may be around the corner though.

After the trillions of dollars spent on the war on Medical Marijuana, why change their stance? Easy, What Big Pharma wants, Big Pharma gets.

Chinese Whispers suggest Drug Companies approached the DEA and asked that THC be re-categorized as a Schedule 3 substance. This would mean Major Drug Manufacturers could release Medicines containing natural THC, these products would be recognized as a pharmaceutical.

Amazing what big money can achieve! Have your say at Types of Weed