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Illustration of sizes of plants Cannabis Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis

Types of Weed- Indica vs Sativa. At one point or another, everyone who is above the age of 18, no matter how straight and narrow they may be, has smoked weed in their lives. It could have been that they lit up a joint, or they were part of a chain during a puff-puff-pass session,Read More

Thanks to a recommendation this video is posted for your viewing pleasure. It is obviously biased toward the support of using marijuana in lieu of using alcohol for recreation and release of stress, and shows one of many possible contrasts between a weed user smoking marijuana and its effects versus an alcohol user drinking beerRead More

One of the most reliable and trusted names in medical marijuana seeds today, The Attitude Seedbank has been used by thousands of viewers and the overwhelming response to their quality of service is: Excellent! You can’t please everyone, but it seems that the people the Attitude seedbank are actually running a legitimate and forthcoming businessRead More

The most potent marijuana medicine is usually the most sought-after. Requiring less cannabis bud to achieve full effect is one high point of potent weed. Another aspect is that the very potent medical grade “top-shelf” marijuana possesses the potential to bring the patient levels of relief that cannot be replicated by lower potency medicinal-grade productsRead More

By far the most commonly known and used method for taking Marijuana Medicine is by smoking it. This typically entails the burning of the dried and cured marijuana flower in its virgin state, requiring no more processing than perhaps some grinding. Placed into rolling papers or a pipe, the Medical Marijuana is smoked just likeRead More

Humans have been collecting seeds to eat for nearly all history of homo sapiens, and the hemp plant’s seed appears alongside humankind for eons up to the present day. The importance of the hemp plant to the survival and progress of humankind cannot be quantified or measured because the impact is so large and infusedRead More

The general effects of marijuana as a collected set of specific effects are commonly referred to as the high, while a person may get high or get stoned on common North American lingo. With the rapid increase in the number and berth of medical marijuana patient body there are more accurate terms coming in toRead More