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LA Votes to ban medical marijuana dispensaries


Not being able to cope with the hundred’s of medical marijuana dispensaries in the United State’s second biggest city, the Los Angeles City Council banned them instead, at least until the state’s highest court gets involved.

The 14-0 vote was not at all popular, drawing protests from the medical marijuana advocates at the meeting.

Once the ordinance is signed, the ban will take effect after 30 days. Letters will be sent to as many as 900 marijuana dispensaries advising them of the ban.

The city has fumbled with the laws for years, trying to provide safe and affordable access to medical marijuana for legitimate patients, while taking into consideration worries of neighbourhood groups on the effect by these shops.

Many other cities have struggled with the medical marijuana ordinances, but it seems L.A. had the biggest problems. At one point the City ordered the closure of these shops, but failed amid lawsuits.

This time around the city has a stronger case. A recent appellate court ruling supports the new ordinance that refers to a marijuana collective as three or fewer people.

The ban also allows hospices and home health agencies to provide medical pot.

However, the ban could be temporary for some medical marijuana dispensaries. The city staff have been asked to draft an ordinance that would allow for abut 180 dispensaries to be re-opened, that were in business before a moratorium was enacted years ago.

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