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Highless Cannabis


At a secret location in the hills of Galilee, Israel, researchers say that they have developed marijuana to ease the symptoms of some ailments without the ‘high’.

The ‘high’ is an unpleasant (for some) side effect for many sufferers.

While marijuana has many Cannabinoid, the one that induces the ‘high’ is THC. Another cannabinoid is CBD, which does not produce a ‘high’ but has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Tikun Olam ( the company that produced the plant) has been researching this plant since 2009 and 6 months ago came up with A……l, a cannabis plant that contains 15% CBD, with only a trace of THC.

Clinical trials will be starting in a few months after the trials on mice have been completed.


Medicinal use of cannabis has been permitted in Israel since 1993, treating 9000 people suffering from illnesses such as Cancer, Parkinsons, MS, Crohn’s Disease and P.T.S.D.

Supporters of Medical Marijuana argue that cannabis does have several well-documented beneficial effects. Among these are:
Medical Marijuana can aid *The amelioration of Nausea and Vomiting (Assistance with Chemotherapy)
Medical Marijuana can aid *Stimulation of Hunger (Stimulation of hunger for Cancer or AIDS Patients)
Medical Marijuana shown to have*Lowered intra-ocular eye pressure (Assistance with treatment of Glaucoma)
Medical Marijuana can aid *Pain Relief

*Also effective for Gastrointestinal Illness
Other suggested Medical Marijuana established effects in the treatment of:
Premenstrual Syndrome, Unintentional weight loss,Insomnia, Other documented treatments for Spasticity,Painful Conditions including Neurogenic Pain, Movement Disorders,Asthma.
Research has produced positive findings thus far for the treatment of Migraines, Fybromyalgia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and related conditions.

Medical Marijuanahas also been found to relieve certain symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Chord Injuries by exhibiting antispasmodic and Muscle Relaxing properties as well as appetite Stimulation.
There have also been findings that Medical Marijuana may be useful in the assistance/treatment of:Asthma, Anorexia Nervosa,Altherosclerosis,Alcohol Abuse,Arthritis (Collagen-Induced) ,Bipolar,Colerectal Cancer,HIV(Conditions Only),Depression,Dystoria, Digestive Conditions,Epilepsy,Gliomas,Hepatitis C,Huntington’s Disease,Leukemia,Parkinson’s Disease,Pruritus,Post Traumatic Stress,Psoriasis,Skin Tumors,Sickle-Cell Disease, Sleep Apnea, Controlled research on treating Tourette Syndrome with With Marinol a synthetic version (Tetrahydrocannabinol) of medical marijuana, showed the patients taking Marinol had a beneficial response without serious adverse effects.
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