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Cannabis found to reduce Infant Mortality


In an article published on 21st July 2012, a comparison between bottle-fed formula babies and breast-fed babies was made. Again it was showing that breast fed babies thrived better than those on formula, the question is why?

Our bodies make a chemical called endocannabanoids’ which in turn are closely related to THC and Cannabinoids (CBD). These control bodily functions and are excreted into breast milk. To show this, rabbits were injected with CBD and there was a significant accumulation in breast milk. These endocannabinoids are also detected in human and cow’s milk, highest levels showing the day after giving birth. This stimulates the sucking reflex in babies.

New-born mice were given a chemical to block the effect of endocannabinoids and their CB receptors, the result being the mice did not know how to eat. Yet if the same blocking agent was mixed with THC, they did, and grew normally.

CB receptors work as a kind of ignition switch. You need the right key (the right shaped cannabinoid) to fit into the keyhole (the receptor) to turn on the ‘engines’ action, which includes sucking, stopping pain or inflammation. THC can mimic the effect of endocannabinoids.

Mice have been bred that do not have CB receptors and they are sickly and prone to ailments. Scientists believe there are people like these mice, having fewer than normal CB receptors. Infants born with these conditions, have, as mice, a failure to grow, from their inability to ingest food.

If these infants were breast-fed, they would, at least, get some of their mother’s normal endocannabinoids. If she were using cannabis, she would get even more endocannabinoids, as well as phylocannabinoids, THC and CBD. In CB receptor-deficient children, that extra dose of phylocannobinoids could make the difference between ‘failure to thrive’ and a healthy child.

Now all this is conjecture on the part of the writer, after some research. Surely medical science isn’t going to say that Mum smoking cannabis is helping her baby get better is she??

Well a study on death-rates and the use of drugs (if any), that the mother used during pregnancy has been done. This shows death rates per 1000 live births.

A total of 2964 babies were tested for cocaine, opiates and cannabis. These were the results:-

“No drugs at birth” deaths – 15.7 per 1000 live births

“Cocaine positive” deaths – 17.7 per 1000 live births

“Opiates positive” deaths – 18.4 per 1000 live births

“Cannabis positive” deaths – 8.9 per 1000 live births

The cannabis infants have a mortality rate of almost half of what the “No drugs” infants.

It seems that the extra cannabinoids in their bodies at birth and from 2nd hand exposure through breast milk, has some sort of a protective effect.

The safety record of cannabis speaks for itself. It has not caused a single death by overdose. Some cannabinoids, like CBD, can’t give you a high, no matter how much you take.

Perhaps it is time for someone to do a study of pediatric, non-psychoactive, cannabinoids, to treat the ‘failure to thrive’ infants!