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White Widow

With all of the benefits that Medical Marijuana brings, it is mind-boggling why many States still refuse to legalize its use. Many people use White Widow, one strain of Marijuana, for different purposes. Below, you will find some information on this type of weed.

What is White Widow?
White widow is another strain of marijuana that was supposedly developed by a Dutch seed grower called “Shantibaba”. This cannabis is known for its high potency and significantly high levels of white trichomes. The plant has won many awards since 1994, bagging first place in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. White Widow has a very snowy look, with its buds covered in crystals and is quite nice to look at.

How does it grow?

The plant is relatively easy to grow, especially if you are living somewhere in Europe where the plant has no problem with a colder climate. White Widow Seeds have an amazing growth rate. In two weeks, you should see that the White widow seeds will already have thick stocks and developed roots. Because of its relatively fast growth rate, you will have to prune them aggressively. When the pruning is done correctly, you will see that it will look bushier. The height of the White Widow Weed is around 40 inches. Remember that the white widow has two growth cycles. In its germination stage, it will turn into a vegetative state and could really use continuous light. You do not have give it a dark cycle. The more light it gets, the faster its photosynthesis is.
When the plant grows twelve to eighteen inches tall, you can now place it outside to let it start flowering. The best time to harvest the weed is in May. You will get great results if you give the plant good light, the right ventilation, regular application of fertilizer and a well-drained medium.

What are the benefits of White Widow Weed?

This type of cannabis is an exceptional strain that can relieve you of many painful conditions. For one thing, White Widow can help relieve migraines. Smoke some white widow and expect your migraine to be eased in just a few minutes. It can also be used as a general pain reliever.
Many pain symptoms felt by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or those with arthritis. For women suffering from PMS, this is a wonderful weed to smoke. Patients who are suffering from anorexia nervosa can take advantage of the white widow, as it acts as appetite stimulant. Most importantly, it produces a mix of sativa and indica effect. This effect, in turn, makes you feel more relaxed and more positive. Of course, the plant will give you an amazing high, mainly for its high THC content. The buds work like a sedative and can make you feel calmer. The white widow also has a great smell.

When its Best to Use

The White Widow Strain is best to use when you are suffering from stress, pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia. It is a very powerful and highly potent type of weed, but it is available in depending on the country you are in. In some countries, this strain of marijuana is even available on several menus in coffee shops. With its exhilarating buzz and wonderful smell, it is no wonder why White Widow is now one of the most popular cannabis strains on the market.

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