Swazi Skunk

Swazi Skunk

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Swazi Skunk

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Swazi Skunk (SeedsMan) Swazi X Skunk #1

Classification: Sativa (100%)
Parents: Backcrossed Swazi sativa strain
Growing Environment: Indoor recommended, outdoor possible
Garden Skills: Intermediate to expert
Flowering Time: 8 – 11 weeks, outdoor harvest in middle of October
Yield: Heavy
Medical Uses: Migraines, ADHD, nausea, arthritis, depression, meditation, diabetes
Breeder: African Seeds

When I first smoked a bowl of Swazi Skunk I honestly thought the person had smoked fine tobacco out of their bubbler until they said they hadn’t. Flavors of dense hickory, dank and tobacco flow from your smoking piece into your mouth and lungs. The effect gradually builds to an uplifting, peaceful and stimulating head high with only a slight body stone occurring.

A native South African Swazi sativa strain was backcrossed to create the fine, pure sativa Swazi Skunk we have today. These huge buds are neither dense nor airy, and reek of spice, pepper, musk and dank. While they aren’t completely frosted with trichromes, the potency of this medication is in a league of its own. The sativa effect will take your mind, body and soul on a mystical journey of heady blissfulness. While not one of the most available strains on the market, Swazi Skunk is by no means rare and this sensimilla will be seen at dispensaries as buds or in clone form only.

Recommended for indoor growth, but suitable for outdoor cultivation in humid, mild and equatorial climates, Swazi Skunk will need the care and attention of a more experienced gardener. She’ll also reward these gardeners with massive harvests of up to 4 pounds from these potentially 14 foot outdoor plants. Her indoor counterpart however, is much shorter in stature, topping out at 6 feet, but usually around 5. She’ll produce up to ¾ of a pound per plant when grown indoors. She also will thrive when grown in a hydroponics ebb & flow setup.

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