Space Queen F2

Space Queen F2

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Space Queen F2

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Space Queen F2 (Subcool) Romulan X Cinderella 99

Space Queen is a Romulan/C99 hybrid. Flavor and potency are sure things, both parents are known for their high potency and great highs. Lemon, pine, and pineapple all swirl in a pungent bouquet to tantalize your taste buds!! Vigor will be outstanding and you’ll be able to cut back on the light intensity somewhat Flowering time will be comparable to Romberry, averaging 8 weeks depending on grower and grow environment. Yield will be above average, but she won’t be a top production plant. I hope she puts a smile on a few faces. Selectively bred to find best phenotype. These F2’s will produce mainly two phenotypes, one pheno taking 8 weeks and the best pheno for yield, odour and taste will finish in 9 weeks. Subcool

* Genetics: Romulan (mom) C99 (Dad)
* Flower Time: 8 – 9 weeks

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