Skunk Kush

Skunk Kush

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Skunk Kush

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Skunk Kush (Sensi) Hindu Kush X Skunk #1

Classification: Indica-dominant
Parents: Skunk #1 x Hindu Kush
Growing Environment: Indoor/outdoor
Garden Skills: Beginner
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: Moderate
Medical Uses: Chronic pain, insomnia, chemotherapy, cancer, glaucoma, anxiety
Breeder: Sensi seeds

A heavy-hitter, Skunk Kush provides a relaxing, yet powerful body high that slowly fades to drowsiness after about 2 hours.

By crossing Skunk #1 with Hindu Kush, Sensi was able to create one of the best strains around in terms of potency and flavor. The buds are dark-green and highly frosted over with trichromes. They smell much more like their HK parentage with deep aromas of Afghani indica, musk and hash.

This strains flowers for just 8 – 9 weeks and will often grow up to 2 ½ times her vegetating size upon forced flowering. A great strain for indoor or outdoor cultivation, gardeners of all skill types typically experience great results when growing Skunk Kush. It can have highly varied phenotypes though, often with some clones coming out almost pure Skunk and others pure Hindu Kush. Although you shouldn’t worry about this, as both are fabulous strains.

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