Pine Tar Kush

Pine Tar Kush

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Pine Tar Kush

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Pine Tar Kush (Tom Hill) Pakistani IBL

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Pine Tar Kush marijuana strain has tight green buds are quite hairless and covered in trichromes which gives it a frosty and visually appealing appearance. It has a light pine smell to it with a citrusy undertone, so it makes for a very pungent odor so you may want to well ventilate or seal your Growing Room. The taste is much like the scent and some people have said it has a slightly sweet juicy fruit gum flavor to it!

In terms of it’s high this will couch lock you, it is a powerful medical marijuana strain. Highly recommended for those suffering from sleep apnea or chronic pain, check with your local Dispensary to see if Pine Tar Kush is available. The high can start off slow so don’t think it’s not working and take another hit, be patient and wait for it to take effect!

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