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Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime (BC Bud Depot) BC Sweet Tooth X Mayne Island Indica

Strain: Optimus Prime
Genetics: BC Sweet Tooth x Mayne Island (Indica Family)
Type: 75% Indica – 25% Sativa
High: Solid all around high. With a distinct clear cerebral buzz.
Smell: Slight skunk with a hint of pine
Taste: Skunk with a Pine/Flower finish
Overall Rating: 9.0 out of 10

These marijuana nuggets were like compressed pine needles on the forest floor. Ugly and a bit stemmy, but the Budtender made me fully aware I was getting pretty much the last of what was available with this batch so on the size and looks I knew I was not going to get the kind of nuggets prior patients lucky “smoked” up.
The buzz of Optimus Prime was a creeper for me. Initially, I felt a felt a bit of mellowness, but a what starts as a very light “tingle” sensation gets very aggressive about 10 minutes on me after I finish a bowl. The intensity of the buzz was maximum 30 minutes for me with the majority of the buzz effect being much lighter. Was reloading up more often usual given the overall length of the buzz.
I really did enjoy the taste of this strain. I consistently had images of the “Giant Pixy Stix Candy Straws” which is basically powder candy in a thick long straw. Not sure if around today, but popular back in my childhood days. Very tasty with a sour lemon/berry overtone.
Best use of Optimus Prime for me was ending the day when I needed to wind down. A great strain for relaxation on the couch and getting caught up on DVR recordings on the television.
Overall, Optimum Prime is a strain worthy of checking out if seeking variety in Sativa strains. I did have the “bottom of the jar,” but being on a Sativa run this one I had to try. With shops like GPC who self supply, some batches are VERY SMALL and run out in a matter of days if “hot.” If this strains shows up again on the menu and I catch it fresh, I would definitely would kick it with Optimus Prime at least one more time.

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