Martian Mean Green

Martian Mean Green

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Martian Mean Green

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Martian Mean Green (DNA Genetics) Sharks Breath X G13 Haze

Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 63 and 70 days;
Cross: Sharksbreath x G13 Haze
Bred by: DNA Genetics
The Martian Mean Green strain of cannabis is a Sativa/Indica hybrid that crosses Sharksbreath and G1 Haze. Her dominant phenotype finishes its flowering cycle between 9 and 10 weeks and grows Indica style. It develops one central main cola with several side branches that shoot out and try to catch up with it. Of course, to develop a more even canopy, top it early in its vegetative state so that all of her colas even out, receive balanced lighting and generally yield better, more consistent buds. DNA Genetics attributes its name to the fact that it tastes and smells so alien that it must be from the black recesses of outer space! Prepare to blast off as you fire up the hefty bowl of Martian Mean Green cannabis this afternoon.

The parents of the Martian Mean Green strain of cannabis have won such accolades as the Best Overall Sativa in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2005, Top 10 High Times Strain of the Year 2006 and 3rd Best Sativa in the Coffeeshop High Times Cannabis Cup 2006. It has the power to melt your mind, but leaves you functional.

This is strong medicine, so use with cation if new to the usage of medicinal marijuana. It performs best as a central cola plant and works very nicely in SoG cultivation setups.

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