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Lionheart (Almighty) African Sativa X North American Genetics

Type: Sativa
Yield: Extra Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 56 and 63 days;
Cross: US #14 Sativa x African Sativa
Bred by: Almighty Seeds

The Lionheart marijuana strain gets international by crossing US and African Sativas to produce plants that grow so vigorously they will blow your mind! Their potency and the duration of their high is simply superior to most other strains in existence. It is intended to be grown outdoors with multi branching freedom. It does well even in cold climates including Canada. The genetics make it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, pests, drought, heat and more. Also requires very little grower intervention, making it an excellent strain to work with for beginning marijuana cultivators. Spread its branches out with stakes, trellis or whatever you have available in order to allow the light to penetrate low. Doing so will reward you with surprisingly heavy yields.

The Lionheart cannabis strain demonstrates explosive root growth, making vegetation time minimized. Its heavy buds grow sticky with resin, although they do not get very hard. Its very high calyx-to-leaf ratio makes manicuring the plants easy. During the curing process, it will take on a color of brownish-red.

This strain will smell like fresh incense and give off a pungent aroma when smoked that overtakes the scent of other strains in a given room. Your fingers will be left sticky as you pack a bowl of Lionheart marijuana for your lucky friends. An immediate, intense and spicy high will enter your mind and allow you to transcend the boundaries that are limiting you. For Sativa lovers especially, the Lionheart cannabis strain is highly recommended.

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