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Lifesaver (BOG) Jack Cleaner X Dj’s Blueberry X BogBubble

Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Yield: Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 40 form 51 days;
Cross: BOG Bubble x Subcool JCB
Bred by: BOG

Can you imagine why BOG and Subcool so named the Lifesaver marijuana strain? You can if your a toker that’s ever been without! In essence, any fine weed, or even ditch weed, is indeed fine weed when you have none. However, BOG’s Lifesaver cannabis strain deserves far more than a comparison to ditch weed. Its powerful genetics have been carefully crossed over many generations to create one of the most admired of all strains. Lifesaver relaxes the toker with strong Indica dominance, yet tickles the brain with spikes of Sativa justice.

The Subcool JCB and BOG Bubble lineage of the Lifesaver cannabis strain is not to be discarded as trivial, or unintentional. It has been masterminded, bred and stabilized to be a top-performing medical strain that also yields quite well. Now, it’s no Qrazy Train in terms of yield, but it does well enough, even in small setups that could probably stand to have more professional cultivation equipment. Overall, the Lifesaver strain of marijuana should be considered one of the top choices for pain relieving strains – and also one that is a snap to grow, even with little experience.

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