Legends Ultimate Indica

Legends Ultimate Indica

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Legends Ultimate Indica

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Legends Ultimate Indica (Legends) Ortega X Sweet Tooth

There are two types of LUI from marijuana seeds. A quick flowering (49 days) narrow marijuana plant and a bushy slower flowering (60 – 65 days) one. Both phenotypes are weed wonderful.
An astute marijuana grower should be able to distinguish between the two. Keeping mother plants of both strains for cloning purposes. The two unique varities explains the subtle differences between verisions floating around Yongesterdam.

Legends Ulitmate Indica is a combination of a very dull tasting extremely heavy indica known as Ortega and extremely tasty Sweet Tooth. Having sampled Ortega recently I have to say LUI is a dramatic improvement.

Ortega has a potent pain relieving marijuana high. However, its taste is beyond less than spectacular. Very Amsterdam indica dull. Overall I didn’t think Ortega impressive. Making the birth of LUI even more incredible.

Picked up Ortega because of its relationship to Legends Ultimate Indica.
Legends Ultimate Indica has everything a pained person wants. Heavy pain relief that comes with a sedate stone. Making it great for napping. Perfect marijuana bud before bedtime.

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