Hawaiian Sativa

Hawaiian Sativa

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Hawaiian Sativa

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Hawaiian Sativa (Federation) Landraces: Hawaii, Mauna Kea

Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Yield: Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 80 and 85 days;
Cross: Unknown
Bred by: Federation Seeds

Thick, sticky curved bud colas form on the Hawaiian Sativa marijuana plant strain. In fact, it’s known as “Banana Hawaiian Pot” because of them. This is a slowpoke and takes a full 80 to 85 days to reach harvest maturity levels.

Hawaiian Sativa is a strain that performs very well in SoG indoor cannabis cultivation setups and naturally gravitates towards forming one massive central cola. Be mindful when growing indoors that you need to control the height. (There are good supplements like Bushmaster that stop all vertical growth.) It requires very little intervention from the grower as long as it has the lights, CO2, RO water and nutes it needs.

The exact lineage of the Hawaiian Sativa strain of medicinal cannabis is not known, however this has been stabilized completely after more than 3 decades of breeding. It is exactly what it is now, and that’s a truly beautiful thing! This bud has lengthy calyxes, making it produce copious amounts of sticky, gooey resin found in its hundreds of thousands of THC-loaded trichromes. This strain will be covered with them when harvest time arrives!

When it’s smoked, it tastes of lime citrus mixed with energizing mint flavors. It generates an uplifting, clear mental high that moves you to accomplish tasks that have long been denied your attention. You see, everything seems easier and more doable when you enjoy a hefty serving of the Hawaiian Sativa strain of medical-grade marijuana.

The Hawaiian Sativa strain of cannabis is one of the most sought after by medical marijuana patients that suffer with glaucoma because it provides excellent ocular release. It is also renowned for analgesic powers and is used by people all over the Earth every day to help them alleviate their chronic pains naturally, effectively and happily in the privacy of their own homes.

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