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Hawaiian Indica

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Hawaiian Indica

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Hawaiian Indica (Sensi) Landraces: Hawaii X Northern Lights

The Hawaiian Indica cannabis seeds by Sensi (and that is the Hawaiian used in the excellent BC Seed Co strain, NL x Hawaiian, as well as the Classics Hawaiian Indica cannabis seeds, Hawaiian/Kush) is like a summer day, dreamy. The big buds, that I can identify more readily that any other strain of the fat cola bud type, the pistils are often tinged red, rose, pink, (usually white), are wide round buds, offering great dreamy high and larger than moderate potential yields. Hawaiians indicas, somewhat like Thai indicas/ especially sativas, don’t handle stress well, so an already proven environment of conscientious grow room care should be the phase you feel you have evolved to in grow experience. AHawaiian Indica cannabis seeds really adds flesh to small yielding indicas (I would like to see White Widow crossedHawaiian Indica cannabis seeds, I think that might have profound benefits and influences). Hawaiian Indica cannabis seedss, in my experience, are good medicine for the spasticity and pain ailments also. 

Hawaiian Indica cannabis seeds used to be more popular 10 years ago, when there was more Hawaiian outdoor available shipped off outside of Hawaii. With the severity of the Marijuana Extermination Program of the USDEA, Hawaiian outdoor is simply not found outside of the former Sandwich Islands these days.

Lighting was a 50/50 mix of 1000w MH and HPS. The plants were grown in soil with organic ferts mixed into the soil before planting. The plants started out under 40w fluorescent light in 16 oz. cups for approximately 4 weeks, then transplanted to 2 gallon pots under the MH and HPS. Plants were vegged for another 4 weeks, then the lights were turned back to 12/12. After the females were identified, most were transplanted into 5 gallon pots. No CO2 was used. The seeds were Sensi Seeds products purchased through Ubino. 

Two packs of seeds were also used for the Hawaiian. The germination rate for this strain was a perfect 40/40. The branching for this strain was quite a bit more “vertical” with much less branching than the Californian. Some were mostly a dominant main cola. I think this strain may be well suited for a SOG set up. Several of these plants were also subject to mold. Of the 12 best, finished heights are 42 inches for the smallest, 64 inches for the tallest, with the average at 52 1/4. Dry, manicured weights are as follows: min. 36g, max. 65g, average 48.6g. The flavor of this strain is a bit citrus. Some of the bud has a definite “lemon pledge” flavor to the smoke. A good up high, but I have to smoke a little more of it than most other bud to get the effect that I like. Many of these showed some hermie traits, like growing anthers on stalks among the female pistils, but there were no seeds from these hermies.

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