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Chronic (Serious) Northern Light X [Skunk X Northern Light] X AK47

Offered by Serious Seeds, Chronic is one of the most commercialised strains out there today and is a popular choice by growers who are looking for ample yields but that is not compromised in quality. Chronic can provide one of the heaviest yields known in the marijuana strain world and some of the stickiest most resin-covered buds you will come across. Chronic is known as a broad term that is used to describe very potent marijuana, which all came about because of this particular strain. In it’s early days it was predominately an Indica but was improved in 2000 with a Sativa cross for stabilisation. Northern Lights and AK-47 marijuana strains were used to create this and it has placed third in the Hydro class of the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This marijuana strain is a very easy grower and can produce around 600 grams per square meter using 600 watt grow lights, and that can be achieved either in soil or hydro methods. In hydroponic conditions it takes less time for the plants to hit their vegetative stage with an average of 3 days whereas it’ll take about a week in soil to take root. It generally has two phenotypes that it can display, one being the plants are short with big buds or it can be very tall and thin with long, fluffy buds. Colas can shoot to the size of a forearm. Do not clip as that can produce reduced yields.

Chronic will give you a head focused high, leaving you feeling light, positive and able to function. Expect creative and deep thoughts with this one and good conversations. It is a marijuana strain that has helped many patients over the years with depression, anxiety, poor appetite, cachexia, insomnia and many forms of intense pain.

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