Cherry Berry

Cherry Berry

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Cherry Berry

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Cherry Berry (Reeferman) Cherry Bomb X Blueberry Indica

This marijuana strain was created with Indica lovers in mind, for those who enjoy a strong cerebral high coupled with a nice body stone. It has a potent THC content over 17% and a 1.2% CBD content which means Cherry Berry performs well for those seeking medicinal aid. Sufferers of insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain and migraines can find relief here.

Barney’s Farm has developed a marijuana strain that has a lasting flavour of cherries, sweet candy with a hint of dank. If growing indoors it is best to provide adequate ventilation as it’s chunky buds covered in a sticky layer of trichomes will permeate through the area.

Cherry Berry was created by backcrossing Skunk #1 and Californian Indica and it is suitable for beginner growers as it is very hardy. It’s a short plant at an average height of 27” indoors and will also flourish outdoors. Expect flowering to go for around 8 – 9 weeks and if grown in a sea of green setup, should provide one pound per square yard. Outdoors, Cherry Berry will be ready for harvest end of September.

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