Cannabis Oil Cancer Cure

Cannabis oil cured David Triplett’s skin cancer.

[youtube][/youtube]The cannabis plant has been used medicinally by humans for centuries. Even today, the medicinal uses for this so-called miracle plant are being explored and expanded in ways that are rediscovery as well as true innovations. The reported cure of one medical marijuana patient’s cancer is a modern day case of successful medicinal use of the cannabis plant. The following video is a testament by David Triplett who has cured his own skin cancer permanently using a modern production method of hemp oil produced using the cannabis sativa plant. The video shows how the oil was applied topically and over time the cancer was brought to the surface and made to completely disappear, being replaced by healthy looking skin tissue. This man’s successful experiment in topical usage of the cannabinoids as a skin cancer cure deserves further examination and perhaps warrants the clinical study of this method.


The video’s author reports that he was prescribed Fluorouracil which is chemo therapy. He googled that medication and found shocking photo evidence of severe reactions to the substance. Some of the Fluorouracil users are shown to have terrible redness and inflammation that grows drastically worse over time. Scared by these horror stories, he found an alternative in the hemp oil cure proposed by Rick Simpson in his video movie entitled “Run FROM The Cure.” The marijuana oil treatment is supported by more and more medical doctors all the time. For instance Lester Grinspoon MD admits that he had been brainwashed for decades about the marijuana plant, and that it is now proven to be “remarkably non-toxic” and that “there has never been a death from it.” This shows that the educated healers even of western medicine origin are becoming aware of the real possibilities for healing that are provided by the marijuana plant.


David used the oil for four weeks before seeing any results, but the simple fact that the hash oil (a.k.a. cannabis oil, cannabis extract, and honey oil) proved effective is proof enough to create viable cause for the further investigation of this method by cancer treatment foundations. One doctor reports that it cures many kinds of common cancer including breast and prostate cancer, as well as leukemia and other typically mortal types. With this kind of widespread success medicinally all types of weed should be examined in order to identify the most potent cancer treatments available from the cannabis plant.


This video found through an their article Cannabis Oil Successfully Used to Cure Skin Cancer (Video), many thanks for the infromation.