Blueberry Blast

Blueberry Blast

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Blueberry Blast

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Blueberry Blast (Reeferman) Northern Lights #5 X Blueberry Indica

Like most indica a dominant strains Blueberry Blast is ideal for insomnia., chronic pain, depression and nausea. It has a positive high and if using at a higher dosage will leave your body feeling relaxed. It is a mix of Blueberry and Northern Lights and is ideal for indoor growing applications. With a short / medium height, strong side branches and short internodes. Blueberry Blast is perfect for Sea of Green setups and is easy to handle so great for beginner growers.

This marijuana strain will take about 60 days until it’s ready to bloom. If you allow it to finish it’s growing cycle before starting the 12 / 12 light and dark cycle then more buds will be produced. They will be very dense, sticky and with a purple hue which is more intense the lower the temperature it is grown in. Like a lot of the blueberry varieties you can expect decent yields from this marijuana strain.

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