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Black Widow

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Black Widow

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Black Widow (Mr. Nice) Brazilian Sativa X South Indian Hybrid

Black Widow is an incredibly popular marijuana strain which has been praised by medicinal and recreational users alike as well as winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. It is a combination of Brazilian Sativa and a South indian Indica and is recommended for amateur growers for it’s natural resistance to mould, mildew and nasty pests. If provided with good nutrients and plenty of light it will perform well for you with quality yields. Planting indoors in the Sea of Green method and flowering for 8 – 10 weeks are necessary to produce the famous resin for which this marijuana strain is known for. If grown outdoors then Black Widow is ready for harvest at the end of September / early October in the Northern Hemisphere but a word of warning though, rain does lower yields considerably with this marijuana strain. Indoors yields can be around 350 – 450 grams per square meter and outdoors 300 – 400 grams.

Black Widow is a very potent strain. It serves very well medicinally for any chronic pain / aches or cramps and is a muscle relaxer and can cause sleepiness, perfect for those plagued with insomnia. Chronic anxiety, depression and stress can also be calmed but it has been said that if too big a hit is taken some paranoia can set in which may not help as much in those areas. This marijuana strain is at it’s best medicinally for sufferers of anorexia as it increases the appetite immensely.

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