Bangi Haze

Bangi Haze

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Bangi Haze

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An ACE Seeds, F4 stable hybrid of a Congolese female and a Nepalese male, this marijuana strain name harks from a Nepalese incense which will intoxicate you with it’s honey and slight liquor flavour.

Being mostly a sativa strain, Bangi Haze grows fairly compact in size and is ideal for indoor application, showing fantastic results in soil and/or hydroponics. Once mature expect heights of around 33″ with dense flowers full of healthy, sticky trichomes. If you’re looking for a big yielder, Bangi Haze is not particularly the strain, have a mind set of quality over quantity, and because this strain is relatively easy to grow, it’s popular. Around 9-10 weeks of flowering will see medium sized internodals and large, thick buds. This strain has become very well adapted to the colder outdoor climates. Outdoor harvest starts September / early October. The aroma it’s dried buds give off is of an incense type with almost an oniony hint which can give a slight sting to the nasal passages! The aroma doesn’t totally translate onto the flavour when smoked but it’s always smoother with a bong or vaporiser.

A lovely warmth will wash over you and give almost a sense of euphoria when smoked. And it’s that sense of euphoria that aids in medicating chronic pain sufferers.

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