Hash Plant

Hash Plant Relaxation, Pain Relief and Body Bliss The Hash Plant Medical Marijuana Strain ..is a scion of the renowned Afghanis, who’s ancestors hail from the Hindu Kush region of the Himalayas. The area is famous for the indica strains that flourish in it, but the Hash Plant as it is known today in theRead More

Snow White OG

Snow White (Cannabis Pros) Northern Light #5 X Cinderella 99 Classification: Indica (65%)/sativa (35%) Parents: White Widow x unknown indica Growing Environment: Indoor recommended, outdoor possible Garden Skills: Beginner Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks Yield: Heavy Height: Medium Medical Uses: Chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy, AIDS, insomnia, inflammation Breeder: Nirvana Snow White hasRead More

Super Skunk

Super Skunk (Sensi) Skunk #1 X Afghani Classification: Indica/Sativa Optimal environment for growing: Indoors, will grow outdoors in mild climates. Hydroponics recommended. Finishes in 45-50 Gardening skills required: Moderate Origins: Origins – Afghani T x Skunk 18.5 Medicinal Uses: Appetite stimulant, anti-nausea Bred for people who love Skunk, this strain of medical marijuana exudes aRead More

Sweet Tooth

BC Sweet Tooth (BC Bud Depot) An advancement of Sweet Tooth #3 An Indica dominant marijuana strain which gets it’s name from the copious amounts of sugar crystals that form all over the buds, stalk and stems of the plant. Don’t be fooled by it’s fluffy name, this is a day wrecker, so suited forRead More

Top 44

Top 44 (Homegrown Fantaseeds) Skunk X ?Vicking? The top44 is a cannabis strain developed in Holland some years ago, it’s mostly indica crossed with a skunk and something else, there are a lot off speculations what this ‘else’ mig ht be, but for now it’s still unknown. The top44 is an impressive fast flowering plant,Read More


Trainwreck weed – Delicious and potent, this strain is a legacy from Humbolt county in California, dating from the seventies. A mix of Afghan, Thai, and Mexican sativa, this Trainwreck hybrid is an excellent medicinal for treating head ailments such as migraines, physical manifestations of pain and nausea. Sativa dominant, yet still some Indica traits.Read More


Warlock (Magus) [Skunk X Skunk] X Afghani Indica / Sativa Origins – Skunk x Afghan Flowering – 55-60 days Harvest – Late October Warlock” connotes a master of the dark arts, a male witch or magus. Magus Genetics’ Warlock strain comes from a wizard’s pouch of indica-dominant bag seed. Magus estimates that, for the currentRead More

White Lightening

White Lightning White Lightning For years now, Marijuana, or Cannabis, has been a popular drug with both recreational and medical users. Despite the numerous legal complexities surrounding the growth and use of the drug it has retained its popularity in most Countries and in recent years has been accepted as a very real alternative toRead More

White Rhino

White Rhino (Green House) Afghan X Brazilian X South Indian, Kerala This marijuana strain goes by two names, White Rhino and Albino Rhino. It is an Indica Dominant hybrid, 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. It’s close cousin is the White Widow and it’s THC content can get to around the 20% mark so White RhinoRead More