Types of Weed Top 100

Types of weed – TheĀ Types of Weed Top 100 following list is of the 100 most viewed types of weed at this website. What type of weed do you like? The actual most popular marijuana strains are determined on our other pages. By voting on your favorite types of weed (clicking on their star ratings, and giving thumbs up or down) you can help determine which ones are actually the most popular. Please enjoy, and be sure to vote a lot!

Take your time, read over each type of weed, and review the types of weed you think is best. Each page is allocated to the very best medical marijuana we have found around the world, and i am sure you will all love to try and smoke them all in your lifetime! Maybe that could be your challenge, take a puff of every type of marijuana we have on review! Good luck, and take one for the team!